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Donate to the Friends

The Friends of the Fletcher Free Library welcomes community support in a variety of ways, including monetary donations and book donations. Since the Friends is the non-profit 501(c)(3) for the Fletcher Free Library, your donations go to support the superb programming and services the Library provides to the community, and your donation to the Friends of the Fletcher Free Library is tax deductible according to IRS regulations.

Monetary Donations

There are a few ways you can make monetary donations to the Friends:


  • Credit/Debit card via Paypal


  • By check, payable to the Friends of the Fletcher Free Library and sent to:

Friends of the Fletcher Free Library

235 College Street

Burlington, VT 05401


  • Venmo @Fletcher-Free-Friends.


You can also do any of these things (and even donate cash!) in person at the Fletcher Free Library’s Main Desk.


Book Donations

We are happy to accept donations of books in good condition, CDs or DVDs in original packaging, as well as collectible older books in reasonable condition. We raise thousands of dollars each year selling books you have donated to the Friends. If you are donating 50 or fewer books, just bring them to the Main Desk and library staff will help you. If you have more to give, or to learn more about book donations, please contact us at or call (802) 264-1970. We will arrange a time for you to drop off your donation.

If you wish that your donated books be added to the Library's collection, please inform us before donating. See our Collection Development Policy for more information. 

​Please note that we cannot accept some materials, based on their condition, format, or content. Specifically, we don’t take:


  • Moldy, musty, or smoky books

  • Magazines

  • Encyclopedias or Dictionaries

  • Multi-volume sets (such as National Geographic or Time-Life)

  • Outdated Business or Computer books (over 10 years old)

  • Romance paperbacks

  • Abridged books (Reader's Digest, etc.)

  • Audio Cassettes or VHS Tapes

  • Books with significant underlining or highlighting

  • Books with torn pages, covers, or bindings

If your books don't meet our guidelines, please consider contacting Goodwill or Resource.​​

For donations of more than 50 books, or to learn more about book donations, please contact us at or call (802) 264-1970.

Think of another way you can give to the Friends? Let us know!

Thank you very much for your generosity!

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